The flame has landed


The Olympic Flame came to Bristol last week. I waited patiently – the city had gone to a tremendous effort to make me feel welcome. They lined the streets with flags and my fans were out in their masses. The great flame – once held by the mighty Zeus before Prometheus got his light fingers on it – passed by very quickly and was looking a little pale and more like a zippo than a  beacon of Olympic strength. It would be a good thing to wave at a concert.  If I hadn’t of been there, people could have easily been dissappointed. At least the smokers felt included for once.

Big in Bulgaria

See here for my Bulgarian National TV, debut…

36 minutes in is where the magic happens.

Torvill and Dean

VALENTINE’S DAY 1984. Soviet skaters, Andrei Bukin and Natalia Bestemianova sealed their romance with Olympic SILVER. Meanwhile Team GB’s favourite ice dancers on ice,  Jayne and Chris  (also known as Torvill and Dean to those not in the ice loop) famously messed up. You can see here ‘Dean‘ vainly attempting to reach out to a distraught and rather furious “Torvill‘ after they screwed up in Sarajevo 1984 and completely missed out on the SILVER, instead having to make do with the rather crass GOLD. I can only hope he does better this year, Jayne. Congratulations to our Soviet ‘limbs of silver’ friends.

Torvill and Dean in gold ice-tiff


Soviet Silver Limbs



Congratulations to the GB Men’s Team who have officially qualified for 2012. They will now be joining me in the O2 Arena this summer. I guess the training sessions with me paid off boys. De Nada.

Showing the GB gymnast boys, what it means to be truly Olympic

Demonstrating the forward roll to GB gymnast Daniel Purvis

Louis confides in Becky. "How do I get silver?"

2012 is here

Happy 2012 Everyone. 3 Days in to Olympic Year. I live, breathe (smoke rings) and eat ‘Olympics’ now.
Breakfast: Olympic rings (civilian name = fruit loops)
Lunch: Olympic rings (civilian name = spaghetti hoops)
Snack: Olympic rings (civilian name = hula hoops)
Dinner: Olympic rings (civilian name = donuts)

Silver ain’t going to win itself…

live at the BBC

So er hello…tap tap is this thing on…?

Well yes, finally it has been recognised that I am the greatest unsung hero of them all, and as such Aunty Beeb (bbc) has asked me to come along and reveal my ‘sports personality’ at The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero award. I had previously thought it was an oxymoron. Sports Personality, Eddie the Eagle aside.

Most athletes are too busy training to worry about their charisma. Fortunately, I am blessed with an abundance of it (charisma not training). I must admit I was surprised as I am a woman, and they seem to be rarer than factual polar bear footage at the bbc at the moment. Nevertheless, if there can only be one woman….I can’t think of a better one for the job. However the Unsung Hero event is for all those people who work tirelessly behind the scenes for the sheer love of sport and sweat. And for the modest silver medalist. I’ve never been one to sing my praises, blow my own trumpet, eat my cake and have it, but I do humbly accept this monumental award. Officially, I am not actually nominated for this category, but that just goes to show how unsung I am. I wouldn’t have it any other way.I shall save the big speech until the day, but for now, I’d just like to thank my chromosomes for getting me where I am today. There are tickets for this staggeringly inspirational event. Do come along. It is my christmas present to the nation.


Beyond bronze…

Hello there webshire. As we get ever closer to my impending silver, I have been thinking about the athletes who will not be taking home a shiny medal. It is the taking part that counts, but also… the taking home. Not only do people get over excited about gold and fail to see the subtly placed brilliance it takes to win silver, the medal system as it stands, completely and utterly disregards the athletes who choose not to go for a podium place (they may be afraid of heights)(this obviously does not apply to the divers). So I have taken it upon my great shoulders to assign new awards for the London 2012s.

3. Bronze
4. Quartz (this one is rather clever)
5. Frankincense
6. Myrhh (can’t remember which way round these two go)
7. Mug
8. Party bag (inc cake)


I’ve been thinking about my fellow teammates in team GB. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of man made fabric. L to the y to the cra.
The problem with Lycra is that it’s too needy. It just clings on and doesn’t take any responsibility for it’s own place in the world. When I perform my gymnastics I don’t want to be carrying any passengers. I already have skin. If my clothing has no will of it’s own, how can you expect the judges to? This is a textbook error for athletes nowadays. I will be winning in cotton.
Thank you.

Beth misses high jump


Why Silver?

Hello there people,
As those of you who have been following my Olympic campaign, BB:Going for Silver, will know, I am destined to get silver in gymnastics at London 2012. Lots of people ask me why? so I made this video with the answer. Simples.

I am a very busy athlete, but if you have any more questions, I am always happy to share my superior knowledge. So you can post a question in the comment section or on the book of faces or via the tweetos. You can also drop me a line at

Stay tuned: coming soon in the blog world …..da da dah…TRAINING. I will be revealing some of my most exclusive training techniques. This is still, unbelieveably, absolutely free. You lucky, lucky people. It’s going to be big – like the dead sea scrolls.

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