“Hello world, my name is Becky Brunning. In 1912 My great grandfather, William LeBeau won a bronze Olympic medal for gymnastics. 100 years later – primed with well rested (yet potent) DNA – I will be going one better in London 2012 (i.e. Silver). I have, and therefore I am; The Olympic Gene…”


Why are you doing this?

It is my Destiny.

Why silver?

A simple case of science, or more specifically, genetics. My great-grandfather won bronze in 1912. The family genes have rested for two generations – they are super ready to go.  Just think how much the world has changed in that time. The advances in technology are awe inspiring – computers, casio keyboards and lycra. It’s only natural that my DNA will have upped its game too.  Silver is the natural progression.

Should I train more?

Training is really only necessary for the genetically deficient athlete. As it is, my big worry is that I will overshoot and get gold.

Who is your hero?

I would have to say me and of course, William Le Beau, my great-grandfather, but mainly me.

What is your athletic food intake?

Less than Michael Phelps, but more than Ulrika Jonsson.

How does it feel to have the weight of the country’s expectations on your shoulders?

It is a responsibility I take very seriously – I am very excited to be able to put the Great back into Great Britain.

Why hasn’t Louis Smith (Olympic bronze medallist, Pommel Horse, Beijing 2008) called you back yet?

He’s probably just nervous and working out what to say. He’ll call soon and ask me on an incredible date. We’ll dine at Planet Hollywood or maybe even the Hard Rock Café and lock eyes over a burger in a ciabatta bun, and he will see my Olympic DNA glistening through my pores and for a brief moment wonder if he is just seeing his own bronze Olympic DNA reflection, and then realise, no; this is the woman of his dreams in human form sitting before his very toned abs. He is lost in a swirling river of his own giddy happiness. Never realising that life could be so perfect. He will propose there and then and we shall marry and live happily ever after in the Olympic village.

…….And our children will get gold.


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